Baseball Batting Gloves & Batting Tips

Baseball batting gloves are designed to do two things. The first is to give the batter a better grip of the bat, and the second is to protect the batter’s hands and fingers from baseballs because sometimes when pitchers throw or batters swing, fingers get in the way.

Each company has its own design for batting gloves. Some are thicker than others, but most have a specialized palm area which gives the batter the grip s/he needs. What’s important is that the glove fits well. Many players say that it has to feel like you aren’t wearing gloves at all. They should fee like second skin. Gloves like these will help ensure a better swing and better control of the bat.

Despite all the research and technology that gets poured into its design and manufacturing, the best thing about batting gloves is that they’re cheap! In fact, they are probably the cheapest type of baseball equipment out there. Gloves can cost as low as $10, and many of them reach an average of $20.

Once you get your best pair of gloves, consider trying them out while following these batting tips:

1. Square Your Shoulders

When you hold your bat and are ready to hit, you should square your shoulders. While many professional players have their own styles of batting, new or non-pros should try squaring their shoulders. This stance gives you good view of the ball, and it’s generally easier to swing your bat. To square your shoulders, stand with your legs shoulder width apart with the less dominant leg slightly back, keep your butt out as you lean forward, and make sure your outer elbow and hands (holding the bat) form a square with your shoulders.

2. Always Keep Your Eye on the Ball

It takes a lot of practice to be able to consistently hit baseballs. A large part of this is learning how to keep your eye on the ball. When someone is pitching towards you, you shouldn’t look at their face, at the fielders, or your team mates on base. Your only focus should be the baseball. If you focus on it well enough, the chances you have of hitting it are better.

3. Follow Through

When you swing, you should follow through. Don’t be afraid of the sound of the bat hitting the ball or of the vibrations you feel when your bat makes contact. Not following through means less force is being exerted on the ball, which means it will not go as far. So when you swing, let the bat create a semi-circle. Doing this usually means you’re following through.

Just because many players wear baseball batting gloves, wearing them is not mandatory. Many great players chose not to wear batting gloves. The truth is that if you feel you will bat better without them, then you shouldn’t wear them. Like all sports, equipment is used to make you perform better or to give you a better game. If something is hindering your performance, you don’t need it.