About OBH

What is the concept behind OBH?
Our Baseball Haven believes philanthropic giving is paramount in this current economic climate.
Where will the team play?
The team will play its home games in Fuessenich Park in Torrington, CT.
How much does it cost?
An annual membership will cost $100 USD.
Will I be refunded my money if Our Baseball Haven does not reach its goal?
Yes, if you purchased a membership before July 2, 2009, you will be refunded $90 (USD) of the original membership fee after transaction fees are applied. If you purchased a membership July 2, 2009 or later, your initial $10 pledge is non-refundable but you will NOT be charged any additional money. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details.
What is included in my membership?
An OBH member will receive at least 21 tickets to the team’s games and full voting rights to all OBH initiatives, including the majority of daily operations of the team, except on-field decisions.
I purchased my membership because I originally believed the team was going to be in the New Haven area, can I get a refund now that the team will play in Torrington?
Yes, if you purchased your membership before September 1, 2009. The Terms & Conditions and related transaction fees will still apply.
Why the change in direction from New Haven to Torrington?
There are several factors that caused the change of direction in bringing a franchise to Torrington rather than New Haven. While New Haven did not work out we are thrilled with the enthusiasm and support of the great community of Torrington and look forward to bringing baseball back to a community that misses it. For more information, we invite you to contact us directly info@ourbaseballhaven.com and we can answer any specific questions you may have.
As a member, do I own shares in the team? Is this like the Green Bay Packers?
No. While you will be voting on decisions that are typically made by owners and operators of a franchise, your membership is not an ownership stake in the franchise.
What will I be voting on?
Voting will take place on several topics that will all have an impact on the direction of the franchise including: team name, logos, uniform and other decisions involved with running a franchise. All voting and interaction with the organization and other members will take place through the web site.
How many votes do I receive?
Each membership receives one vote on each matter.
I’ve just purchased a membership, when can I start voting?
Voting will begin once our goal is reached and we’ve obtained enough members to successfully purchase a team. While members won’t officially begin voting on initiatives until we’ve reached our goal, you will be receiving communication from OBH about specific actions that involve our members.
Why should I join now?
For OBH to become a reality, we need fans like you (and your friends) to get involved now. Our initial membership base will drive the direction of OBH and ultimately determine our fate. OBH is reliant on our members’ and prospective members’ determination to be part of something that has never been done in the United States. Are you ready to step up and help make OBH happen?
Which league will you play in?
OBH is pursuing the purchase of a team affiliated with the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League (ACBL).
What is your philanthropic mission?
With the latest economic downturn, there are several charitable causes and non-profits OBH will evaluate and eventually partner with each season. Revenue and profits will be donated to selected non-profits to help facilitate their mission and financial goals.
As a non-profit, how can my organization either benefit or get involved?
OBH has already received inquiries from a number of non-profits in Connecticut, looking to partner in our philanthropic mission. Non-profits will be the focus of a number of OBH events, including certain game promotions and off-site fundraisers. To learn more about OBH’s non-profit initiatives and how to become involved, please e-mail OBH at brett@ourbaseballhaven.com
How can my company or business get involved?
OBH encourages companies to either partner, advertise or be a part of OBH’s philanthrhopic mission. If you are a human resources professional or operate a large or small company and would like to inquire about group memberships, partnerships or sponsorships, please e-mail OBH at jay@ourbaseballhaven.com
How old must I be to become a member of Our Baseball Haven?
You must be at least 18 years of age to become a full member of OBH or have consent of an adult if you are younger.
Can I be refunded my money in the middle of the season?
No. Once OBH purchases a team and is accepted into a league, voting will begin on daily operations. Once this occurs, a member is no longer eligible for a refund per OBH’s Terms & Conditions.
What is the timeline?
We hope to finalize the transaction by the end of October, 2009. People will be able to sign up for memberships year-round. We will begin play in the summer of 2010.