Our Baseball Haven is an endeavor whose goal is to utilize the new media concept of crowdsourcing to give sports fans a voice and control over a franchise. You will vote on lineups, concessions, promotions, logos, uniforms and more. This is the pure democratization of America’s pastime. We will:

  • Operate either a professional or collegiate summer league team
  • Give members the ability to vote on every major decision involving the team
  • Recycle profits to charitable causes and non-profits

This unique, interactive endeavor, whose aim is to begin play in the summer of 2010, would be the first of its kind in the United States

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Easton Baseball Gloves and Bats

The Easton Sports company stumbled upon baseball. It started out slowly, with James Doug Easton manufacturing bows and arrows for decades, and making a name for himself in the sport’s world with superior aluminum arrows used for archery. When compared to the other big name companies, they are a baby in the industry, and yet Easton baseball gloves are already considered some of the finest in the country.

In 1960, James Doug Easton’s son, also named James, joined the company and convinced his father to go beyond arrows. They started by creating aluminum ski pole shafts in 1964, which met considerable success. They also made the tubing for the seismometer for the moon landing in 1967. By 1969, they began creating aluminum baseball bats. There were already a few aluminum bats on the market, but many of them were too heavy and not well balanced, and weren’t any better than wooden bats. Easton was able to create light weight aluminum bats which did not break like their wooden counterparts, and helped players hit the ball better. Thus, their baseball line was born.

Focusing on best fastpitch softball bats 2021, Easton was behind the titanium softball bat that performed so well. So these were banned from leagues. Seven years after the titanium bat came the very first Scandium bat, courtesy of Easton. Two years later came the first two-piece bat system which reduced vibrations and had a more forgiving “sweet spot”. These two-piece system bats are a part of the ConneXion series. Naturally, Easton also creates wooden bats for Major League Baseball players.

When it comes to their gloves, Easton tackled glove manufacturing the same way they did bats, with science on their side. Each glove is hand crafted, and made for a specific purpose. For example, their batting gloves are made with a special gel foam which absorbs the vibration of making impact with the ball. This is known as their VRS system. Their batting gloves also have a “TurboSpot” which is padding between the thumb and index finger. This padding acts as a fulcrum, creating resistance or leverage which increases the overall power of the hit. Their fielder’s gloves and catcher’s mitts also follow similar technology; many of the being made of kip leather, which is very strong but light weight leather, that creates a strong light weight glove. Easton also produce the best gloves for softball.

Though the company focuses on making sporting goods for many sports, they are well known for their baseball equipment, especially their bats and gloves. In fact, it is amazing that Easton baseball gloves and bats are already considered some of the best in the world. It took Easton less than 40 years to perfect what many of the other companies have spent over a hundred years trying to develop. Not at all bad for what is still a family owned company.

Louisville Baseball Gloves & Bats

There are a few names you always associate with baseball. Louisville Slugger is one of them. It is a name that is intricately woven into the very essence of the ball game. But before any ball player achieved glory with Louisville baseball gloves and bats, there was a seventeen year old boy named Bud Hillerich who didn’t know his love for the game was going to change history.

According to the Louisville Slugger company, it all began when Bud Hillerich saw Pete Browning break his bat during a Louisville Eclipse game. After the game, Hillerich took Browning back to his father’s wood working shop, where they created a new bat for Browning, which worked beautifully. It was from these humble beginnings that the company began.

At first they would make bats for major league players that approached them. By 1884, however, Hillerich had turned his father’s shop, which had once focused on stair case banisters and porch railings, into a baseball bat manufacturing facility. He patented the name “Louisville Slugger” in 1894, and with some clever marketing he turned his company into a household name.

Through the years, the company grew and established itself, and it began branching out. They began creating more than just baseball bats; manufacturing baseball gloves, catcher’s gear, training accessories, and bags. True to their roots and to their founder’s original passion, they only manufacture baseball equipment. In fact, they are the only sporting goods company that manufactures baseball equipment only.

Like the very first slugger ever made, each Louisville bat is made from a single piece of wood. Their fielding gloves use state of the art technology, created to enhance a player’s natural skills. This same care and attention is seen in all the equipment the company produces. The fact that so many players, both young and old, continue to use this equipment is a testament to its quality. Today the company continues to manufacture some of the best bbcor bats for 2021, while constantly working to create better products.

Louisville Slugger started from the warmheartedness of a true baseball fan, and it became a baseball legend of its own. Through it’s 120 year history, its equipment has consistently been used to win the game and create baseball history. So the next time you pick up Louisville baseball bats and gloves, remember that you are not just holding any ordinary bat or glove, but you are holding pieces of history, equipment that is often considered the heart of America’s favorite past time.